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PostSubject: Basic Price List!   Basic Price List! EmptySat Jul 21, 2012 6:02 pm

Main items:
Whip: 2.9-5m →
Dragon Claws: 50-100m →
Bandos ChestPlate: 100-200m →
Bandos Tassets: 100-200m →
Bandos boots: 50-100m →
Fire cape: 5-10m →
Dragon Fire Shield: 2-5m ↗
Barrows gloves: 50-100m ↑
Amulet for fury: 50-100m ↗
Dramen Staff: 150m ↗
Overload: 2-4m ↗
Gravite 2h: 50m ↘
Coloured Dark Bows: 150m (ea) ↗
Ourg Bones: 1m (ea) ↑
Dragon Bones: 100-500k (ea) ↑
Dark Bow: 8-10m →
Barrows Items: 500k-3m (ea) →
Void: 150-200m (per piece) ↗
Dragon fire shield: 2m

Dungeoneering Items:
Chaotic Maul: 500m-1b ↗
Chaotic rapier: 3b →
Chaotic Longsword: 5b →
Chaotic staff: 5b →
Chaotic crossbow: 5b →
Katagon: 100m (per peice) ↗
Zephyrium: 80m (per peice) ↗
Protoleather: 400m (per peice) (now rare due to removal from vote shop) ↑
Stegoleather: 400m (per peice) (now rare due to removal from vote shop) ↑
Kratonite Longsword: 50m ↗
Promithium Longsword: 400m →

Spirit Shields:
Divine: 400m →
Elysian: 300m ↗
Arcane: 250m ↗
Spectral: 150m ↗
Blessed: 100m →
Un-blessed: 100m →
Spirit shield: 75m →

Armadyl: 300-500m ↘ (can vary a lot)
Bandos: 50-150m ↘
Saradomin: 50-150m ↘
Zamorak: 50-150m →

Party Hats:
usually from 3-6b

Alchemy values are according to price checker.

Feel free to leave suggestions on prices for items, this list will be updated.
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Basic Price List!
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