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 Pest Control glitch.

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Pest Control glitch. Empty
PostSubject: Pest Control glitch.   Pest Control glitch. EmptyWed Mar 14, 2012 12:16 pm

Most of you guys know when your in pest control you get 1000% spec to kill the portal with.
BUT! if you dont use your spec when the game is on and then its get finished.
You still have 1000% outside the pest control.
I see this as a very important thing to patch, so do it as fast as you can Jnqs.
Cause if we get alot people on the server, it will be much people pking abusing the "Pest Control glitch".

I got 1000% spec in my vid and didnt even notice.


(If you dont wanna watch the whole video, just skip to 1:15, and look at my specbar).


- X.
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Pest Control glitch.
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